Lin Weiss is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Energy Healer, Homeopath, Medical Intuitive, Mind/Body Master, Life Enhancement Coach, Educator, Medium, Mystic and Spiritual Guide in private practice in Houston, Texas.

Education, Credentials, and Memberships

MH (Master Healer),  The School of Transformation & Healing

MHT (Master Healer Teacher), The School of Transformation & Healing

CYT (Certified Yoga Therapist), Yoga Therapy College

Non-Denominational Ordained Minister, Officiant, Celebrant, Spiritual Counselor


Post Graduate Studies

Homeopathic Practicum: “The Healing Relationship” - The School of Homeopathy

Homeopathy & The Chakras

Nutrition Therapy Certificate - The Institute of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate - Svasta Yoga School   

Neuro-Plasticity: Change from the inside out… -Dr. Joe Dispenza

Pastoral Care

Self-Empowerment: Stacking The Deck of Life With Intent; Body Intelligence - Raymon Grace

Trauma Attachment & Neuroscience: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma - Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Trauma-Informed Yoga

“Who Would You Be Without Your Story?” -Byron Katie

Yogic Interventions for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression

Spiritual Mediumship Level IV - The School of Transformation & Healing


Undergraduate Studies

The Fine Arts: Studio Art & Graphic Design - Del Mar College; Southwest Texas State University



International Association of Yoga Therapists

Rose Ministries

White Eagle Lodge In The Americas



*holistic (hō-lĭsˈtĭk)

  • adj.    Of or relating to holism.

  • adj.    Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

  • adj.    Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts: holistic medicine; holistic ecology.

I believe the time I have spent with Lin Weiss will have a long-term impact on my life.  Her insights and direction have helped me more than any doctor and more than any time I've spent listening to a motivational speaker.

- Michelle Leigh Smith, Journalist