“Everything that does not rise into consciousness comes back as destiny.”  

- Carl Gustav Jung

Consciousness means acting harmoniously and with care toward the life around us. For spirituality to develop, it is absolutely essential that we establish a basis of moral conduct in our lives. If we are engaged in actions that cause pain and conflict to ourselves and others, it is impossible for the mind to become settled, collected, and focused; it is impossible for the heart to open. To a mind grounded in unselfishness and truth, concentration and wisdom develop easily. Develop your awareness as a skill.

The Healing Arts Coursework


Exploring Health & Higher Consciousness Through the Chakras Accepting applications now, for 2018-2019 Course Year

Advanced Chakra Theory &  BioEnergetic Healing*

Intuitive Development

Demystifying Homeopathy*


*Prerequisites required

Self-Awareness & Mindfulness


Classical Hatha Yoga

Yin Yoga

Meditation: Techniques & Practice

The Yoga of Breath: Pranayama Techniques & Practice

Intuitive Development

Spiritual Mediumship

Book Study Groups


Group discussions based on select & ongoing teachings of renowned metaphysical authors/teachers. Exploring the Mind/Body/Spirit connection as it pertains to health, wholeness and how we heal, through the work of prominent teachers, both past and present.


Lin is a gifted teacher, guiding me on my path of spiritual and intuitive development while generously sharing her insight and wisdom. Lin speaks from the heart with honesty and integrity, prompting me to challenge deeply held, often misinformed, beliefs and consider a different way of being. Lin is deeply committed to her practice as a healer, offering homeopathic remedies, which have supported my physical and emotional healing. I have particularly enjoyed Lin’s group workshops and series of classes focusing on an in-depth study of the chakras.

- Megan H., Program Director

I thoroughly enjoyed Lin’s class on the Chakras. I not only learned a lot about the chakras, I learned a lot about myself. Lin is a wonderful teacher. 

She is patient, intuitive and very knowledgeable in this area.       

- Amber O., League City, Texas