I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.  - Albert Einstein

Life long learners enjoy a greater sense of purpose and consequent wellbeing.

Knowledge is power and there is a never-ending feedback loop of understanding that resources intuition for those who seek wisdom and Truth.



Yoga for Mental & Physical Happiness

Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate. Create Serenity, Peace & Balance. A consistent Yoga practice provides an excellent foundation for a lifetime of self-discovery, building strength and vitality within the whole being. Classes are multi-dimensional, accommodating the personal needs of the beginner, as well as the advanced practitioner.


Conscious curriculumS

Founded & Facilitated by Lin Weiss MH, MHT, CYT

Whether your interest lies in a pure, foundational and classical discipline of Yoga, enriching your life through Holistic Self-Care and Self-Awareness or beginning a quest in the Healing Arts, Lin Weiss has developed thoughtful and life-enhancing curricula for a modern age. Upon successful completion of College-level Healing Arts Curricula, certificates are granted to those showing proficiency. Uncover your unique abilities by learning: How to resource your unique patterns of intuition; The psycho-spiritual dynamics of the Chakra System; Transformation through Yoga, Meditation and enhanced spiritual awareness.

A healing session with Lin is like getting a massage on the inside. 

- Meredith Padon, RN

Lin Weiss is a Healer’s Healer!  

 - Dr. Robert Stecker, Systems Therapist