The human body is a masterful teacher and an essential guide to what is going on Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually in our lives.

 Most of us have found ourselves in challenging times when relationships, jobs, finances or physical health were not optimum.  These discomforts reflect energetic imbalance that reveals in the body, mind and emotions.



In each moment we have the opportunity to create the next moment exactly as we would like for it to be.  There are countless ways to create a “good vibration” within our physical beings and souls, which directly affect our ability to heal.


Becoming conscious of what is unconscious affords us the opportunity to loosen hidden, negative emotions and behavioral patterns. Deep and effective healing requires the conscious release of counterproductive beliefs, past hurts and victim-hood.

      Develop your attention as a skill. 


When we acknowledge and honor the sacred and soulful aspects of our lives we find a larger capacity for joy in our lives. Purpose and meaning emerge. We experience expanded consciousness and we feel like we belong.

"You already have the precious mixture that will make you well. Use it."  -Rumi


This site is designed to inform and guide the individual healing journey into the mysteries of esoteric healing, quantum physics, the human energy field and the innate healing energies present in the human body. These are earth-based, proven healing traditions employed by the power of choice and personal responsibility. All modalities are natural healing options as they pertain to health and wellbeing. My purpose is to bring encouragement, hope, authentic and lasting healing to a perilous era of fear-driven indoctrination toward disease, illuminating attainable and viable options to side effect-laden pharmacopeia and surgery-based allopathic medicine.

The planet is undergoing massive change. Paradigms are shifting and real and conscious healing alternatives are essential, now. We are all being called upon to transform our lives. It is an urgent call to return to natural, safe and pristine ways of Healing. To learn, to evolve, to clean up and nurture the way we understand the structures of life at the deepest levels of existence. The planet is changing, our minds and bodies are changing and we must learn to accommodate this change well in order to live full, healthy & dynamic lives.

Quantum leaps from 3-dimensional living into 5th dimensional reality are proving our innate capacity to heal and regenerate rather than deteriorate, by changing the way we think. Climatic and planetary cycles affect the way we feel, the seasons of our bodies - weather and health. Learning to work with the natural rhythms of the body and its cyclical needs is the science of life.  On the most fundamental level, our Earth home and physical foundation is calling us to work with our physical Temples, rather than fight against them. The urgency is evidenced by the epidemiology of a carcinogenic age. Despite the mass marketing of corporate drug companies, hospitals and their affiliates, our western culture is sicker than it has ever been. Is it possible that fear-induced, government-biased vaccinations and the persuasion of man-made pharmacology are deteriorating our health as well as the healthcare system? The answers lie within. When we stifle symptoms, we not only prolong illness, we avoid the message and the opportunity to find lasting health.


"How much easier is it to take refuge in our essential helplessness than take responsibility for our godlike powers! Here, too, our picture of reality shapes our attitude and actions. When we see the body as a structure of heavy, intractable meat and bones, all we can do is cut it or drug it or otherwise manipulate it from the outside. But let us create a different picture and see the body as rhythm and emptiness, as elegant, ethereal fields of waves joined in innumerable feedback loops to maintain a relatively stable structure.

Thoughts and feelings can set off sympathetic vibrations in this structure; the deeper intentionality can produce transformation in days, hours, sometimes and minutes.

No longer are we concerned with questions of "inside" or "outside, " for these limiting categories do not exist in the realm of pulsing waves.

Each body completes the universe and is involved in the universal evolution." 

- George Leonard, The Silent Pulse