Lin Weiss is a heart-centered, non-denominational ordained minister and spiritual counselor. Her compassion and penchant for honoring the spiritual and sacred nature of life shines through in each unique and individually crafted ceremony.

She has cultivated a distinct and contemporary style that can be tailored to the unique spiritual needs of today’s couples and families as they journey through the discoveries, turning points and anniversaries of life.



More and more couples are choosing a spiritually inspired ceremony.

Within the framework of a traditional wedding ceremony, a spiritually inspired wedding ceremony can acknowledge the spiritual side of your personal lives and of the environment and community in which you live.

You have freedom to express the Divine according to your own personal beliefs. Your nuptials may reflect a blend of varied spiritual traditions. Thus enhancing time-honored ceremony elements to enrich your experience and celebration. By adding to and placing emphasis on certain aspects of your lives, and community, you not only honor each other, but also all those in attendance.


New Life Blessings


Civil Unions

Coming of Age

Rights of Passage


Remembrance Rituals

Vow Renewals


I'm so thankful for Lin Weiss’s thoughtful officiation of our wedding. It was truly the best day of our lives.

-Michael H., Chicago, Illinois