Savor It, ALL...

As published in Natural Awakenings Magazine, December Issue 2018

There is an art and method to the savoring of a Life. It requires intention and spaciousness. Our intention is necessary in a prioritizing and “goal-setting” sort of way – to make room for the byproduct, spaciousness.  In the spaciousness, time becomes available to value what is in the foreground of my unique and individual life.  “What is presenting itself at this moment for my consideration?” The consideration element is crucial as our minds cannot possibly access and process the depth of those things worth savoring in just an instant. For example, mindful eating will allow you to savor your food and eat more intuitively, rather than emotionally. Yet, immediate gratification seems to be the hastiness we have set ourselves up for with the “advancements” in technology, moving faster and faster at the cost of our peace, health and sanity. We are waiting longer and longer for an automated system outside of us, an empty presence on the other end of a box, to respond to our humanness,

And, even more painfully – we are waiting for that box to decipher our, voices and our spirit. So many individuals seem to feel short on time these days, trapped, stuck or powerless within their relationships to each other, jobs, governments, a “healthcare” system, consumption & consumerism, gender identities, corporations, and the list goes on...

To whom and what do you give your time, attention and power? This is how we create our lives. Understanding how freewill and choices come into play moment-by-moment is the key to empowerment. 

If I believe that I am free and that I deserve to be free, I must begin to interact with and respond to life accordingly. I must be willing to give up the “Blame Game!” Anytime I hold any of these aforementioned “entities” responsible for a life not going according to my plan, I am giving my power and energy over to a perceived authority dwelling outside of myself. This is not possible from a perspective of Natural Law. To anchor our shift in awareness from external authority to internal guidance we must become aware of our fear-based contractions. Reliance on external things, ideas, and images for our wellbeing keeps us rigid in our body. This in turn limits our choices and our creative expressions creating dis-ease.

A few points to ponder:

If I am created in the likeness and image of a divine intelligence then I must be divine intelligence.

Does this then afford me dominion over the earth and my own body, life and present incarnation?

Karma is the natural law of cause and effect.

The Buddha defined karma as intention; whether the intention manifested itself in physical, vocal or mental form, it was the intention alone, which defined moral character as good, bad or neutral.

Karma is a Sanskrit term that literally means "action" or "doing". In the Buddhist tradition, karma refers to action driven by intention, which leads to future consequences. Those intentions are considered to be the determining factor in the kind of rebirth or samsara, a continuing cycle of birth, death and rebirth, that an individual soul may experience.

As I journey along my own karmic path, I am frequently presented with opportunity to pause and reflect on how I create repetitive patterns in my life that do not serve me.  This is the first step toward understanding the process of evolution, growth and resolving karma. Here’s a quick-study of my particular process:

1)   Conscious and meticulous self-inquiry.

2)   Setting my intention or goal for what I do want to create.

3)   Focusing on my new creation with eager anticipation, rather than anxiously obsessing over old, unproductive patterns (requires self-forgiveness, letting go and a willingness to try something new).

4)   Trying it on. Feeling and savoring what I will experience when I achieve my new goal. Making it experiential and real on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence.

5)   Consistency! Creating space for daily practice – repeating steps 1,2,3 and 4 with joyful expectancy!

Savoring life, all of it, is key to creating a joyful and fulfilling existence, which is only available in present time.

Choose a savory, abundant and health-ful life with intention and corresponding actions. Watch the Universe step up to greet you with your dreams in tow.      Namaste’ Lin



Lin Weiss MH, is a caring and compassionate Healer, Medical/Spiritual Intuitive and Life Coach in Houston. All Natural, non-invasive therapies include: Chakra Attunement; Homeopathy; Neuro-Chemical Balance; Nutrition Therapy; Orchid Essences; Trauma Resolution; and Bio-Energetic Healing.             713.858.8595