The Healing Crisis

As published, Indigo Sun Magazine - May 2018



“Everything that does not rise in consciousness

comes back as destiny.”  -Carl Gustav Jung


There is a widely misunderstood phenomenon when the body begins to authentically heal. The misunderstanding, more often than not, serves to stifle the healing process altogether and prolong the disease.

The human body possesses an innate healing intelligence and a propensity toward healing. When it receives the necessary nutrients and appropriate conditions to maintain this remarkable physical matrix i.e. proper rest, high vibration - organic foods, harmonious relationships, and peaceful dwelling, combined with a sense of purpose, even the most dreaded diseases begin to release their hold.

Almost without exception, the conditions that cause discomfort and illness in the body are compensatory responses; divine by design, to resolve a health crisis, often, before we are even aware of its presence.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the human body and spring and fall allergens. Pollen, molds and grasses actually serve to support the detoxification process by stimulating the movement of the lymphatic system, and creating mucous (often mislabeled as colds or flu) to remove toxins and endotoxins away from the body.  Allopathic and over-the-counter “meds” suppress this process deepening the toxic overload while putting extra stress on the liver and major organs of detoxification.

In his article “Cause & Underlying Factors of So-Called Cancer,” Dr. W.E, Jackson, MD states that “The lump or mass which is diagnosed as cancer is not a disease, it is a dis-ease. It is only the end result of a condition, which is present all over the body and is nature’s attempt to limit it to a single or multiple local area in order to clear up the whole body. This dis-ease is a degenerative condition of the whole system, and therefore it cannot go from local to general. It may, and probably did, exist as a metabolic imbalance for many years before there was any local evidence to diagnose. Therefore the patient is sick – not the cancer, so it is the patient who needs treatment. Current modes of treatment of the local evidence depend on destroying the end result, but paying no attention to the cause.” Dr. Jackson goes on to indicate that “longstanding perceptions of the mind, i.e. lack of love, hate, anger, jealousy, fear and the inability to forgive are underlying causal factors of the dis-ease”.

One of the most frustrating scenarios for Holistic healing professionals is a patient’s misunderstood response to the detoxification process – when the body begins to let go of toxins and release unhealthy emotional patterning.

It is well documented that once the body begins to take in higher vibration foods and nutrients, the lower vibration pathogens cannot survive and begin to die-off, exiting the body. The healing crisis or “Herxheimer Reaction” (often referred to as Herxing) ensues when the endotoxins from bacterial or pathogenic cell death exceed the body’s ability to eliminate. This reaction is often expressed physically with flu-like symptoms. Chills, fever, aches and pains, fatigue, diarrhea and negative emotion, such as anger, rage, irritability and even depression can be triggered. This response is temporary and actually a good sign that the body is beginning to release what does not serve vibrant health. The typical healing crisis lasts one to three days, and there is usually a great sense of relief and restored wellbeing in the aftermath.

It is important not to suppress the symptoms. This only prolongs and deepens the dis-ease. We are a culture inclined toward suppression of symptoms via anti-biotic, anti-depressant, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, etc., which in reality are anti-healing. My teacher used to say in response to the short-term discomforts of detoxification: “Better Out, Than In!”

During such times it is a good idea to continue with detox regimens, drinking plenty of good spring water, herbal teas, Epsom salt baths, clear soups and plenty of downtime to expedite recovery.

This organic process, experiential in nature, has a way of not only lifting pathogens from the body, but also releasing past traumas from the soul. If we are willing and able to clean and nurture our bodies from the inside out we become clearer, more conscious of our life’s purpose and our priorities. We can awaken to Divine order, not only in our bodies, but also in all things.

Acting consciously means acting harmoniously and with care toward the life around us. For spiritual practice to develop, it is absolutely essential that we establish a basis of moral conduct in our lives. If we are engaged in actions that cause pain and conflict to others, and ourselves it is impossible for the mind to become settled and collected; it is impossible for the heart to open. To a mind grounded in unselfishness and truth, concentration and wisdom develop easily.

Be gentle with yourself and others. Make it a regular practice to take inventory of your health and happiness. If they are not optimal, make the organic adjustments necessary to maintain your personal wellbeing and joy.

Sat Nam.