SPRING: Behold, I Make All Things New

We teach what we need to learn.  With great frequency - each lovely soul that walks through my door is bringing from within, their sacred self, a forgotten aspect of my sacred self for me to embrace, like a reunion with a dear old friend.  This is the way of it, for all of us.  The outside world is a reflection of the inner world. 

We have been indoctrinated in so many ways to address life on the physical plane, from the outside - in, in varying ways and levels of defensiveness through the archetype of the warrior.

From a spiritual perspective this is backwards, head/mind thinking eventually leads us into repetitious cycles of futility (unexplored opportunity) and battle, the proverbial rut.

Why is it that we are so afraid of what lives and breathes in the depths of our own souls?

The battle is within our own being, to overcome the illusory power of ego, conquer the separate self and obtain self-mastery.  Our inner battles can be observed as reflections  - all across the earth plane in struggles for power over outside circumstance.  Countries, governments, politics, healthcare, religion, schools, genders, cultures, relationships all “playing” out the inner struggle to maintain control over what we are attached to in the way of materialism, ideology, economy, feeling, learning, living and growth (or its limitation). 

The only way to control the outer world is by controlling the inner world.  Intimacy and compassion with the outer realm are only possible when they are known quantities

within our own being.  An authentic relationship with self requires time, nurture, and the willingness to experience all of it, loneliness, pleasure and pain. The heart understands this, while the mind gets overwhelmed.


Eckhart Tolle says that our greatest need is to hear "the good news of the possibility of a radical transformation of human consciousness" ... "a new heaven and a new earth" are "the awakened consciousness, not a future state to be achieved but one that is arising within you at this moment.”


This is quite comforting.  That as I raise my level of consciousness above the chaos, beyond time/space and move into the peaceful warrior, focusing on that which is holy, sacred and beautiful – “I” become new.

This requires a gentle, spiritual discipline.  Whatever your practices are, they must be tended to daily.  Consistency is key.

Beginning from the ground – up…

How do you balance your body?  Do you know what your body needs?

What are your moods like?  Do you know what your moods are? How do your moods affect your body? How do your moods affect your relationships? What are you doing to improve the quality of your mind?  How does your mind affect your spirit? What makes your spirit soar?  How do you integrate these four bodies to improve the quality of your life?

In traditional Chinese medicine, spring is the time of detoxifying and cleansing.  The element associated with springtime is wood, the color is green and the organ influences are that of the gall bladder and liver.

There are many indications of toxicity in the body: allergies; lethargy; weight gain; mucous and congestion anywhere in the body; pain; constipation; moodiness; PMS; and the list goes on… Our bodies are intimately connected to the earth and its elemental influences.  If we are paying attention to the signs of our bodies (symptoms) and the signs in nature (seasons; weather; plants; animal messengers; skies; sun; moon cycles) we are moving forward in a harmonious flow with all that is.  For instance, not everyone has allergies.  When allergies occur it is an alert from the body to the mind that there is toxicity.  The body will try to eliminate by the usual means (urine, feces, perspiration, menstruation) and when there is an overload it will create mucous to help clear the poisons. The trees and flowers in spring, simply, volunteer the expression of pollen to offer a secondary alert.  If we are in balance, we will not be susceptible to the pollen “blasts” that often initiate a chain of events toward healing.  If we are toxic – allergies may ensue.  Some may experience pain at this change of seasons, or what western medicine often refers to as “the flu”.  The flu, when negotiated from a holistic perspective (the belief system that the individual must be considered as a whole, considering the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the whole person) we may realize that we feel new, colors are brighter and our minds are clearer than before the cycle of this so-called flu. Disease, when embraced can clear ancient pain and debris aka: toxicity.   We all experience imbalance from time to time and these signs and symptoms are the natural way of things. This is the way the body and nature communicate with us.

It’s difficult to see how we sabotage ourselves.  It’s crucial to work on each of the four bodies for maximum vitality.  Working through the Chakra System to evaluate habitual patterns, physical imbalance and harmonize energies is a dynamic approach to personal growth, health and wholeness.  Homeopathic medicines and Phytobiophysics therapy (flower & tree formulas infused with the full spectrum of light) can support one’s expeditious journey into new ways of being, rapidly. 

There are as many ways to detoxify as there are ways to become toxic.  Nature has provided all that we need.  Seek compassionate and qualified professionals to assist you on the healing journey.  Life is constantly seeking to renew itself.  The universe is benevolent and life is meant to be good.


Lin Weiss is a Holistic Healer, Yoga Therapist and Educator in the Mind/Body Connection and Self-Healing Strategies.  She is a warm, caring  & compassionate listener with a broad base of knowledge & wisdom.  Through her incredible intuitive ability Lin is able to tune right into energy imbalance & provide personalized healing & guidance for natural and lasting wellness. To schedule a session or inquire about Conscious Curriculums, contact Lin at 713.858.8595.   conscioushealingnow.com