Attuning To The Spirit of The Season: Harmonize Your Holidays

Breathe in the sights and sensations of this sacred season of Light. Take a few moments to be still and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  Listen with your inner ears and feel your heart beat. Attune to its natural rhythm with your breath.

If you take just a few moments now to experience your soul’s essence in this way, you will raise your vibrational frequency. This process is a way of receiving and inviting the life force energies into one’s own being. Harmonizing mind, body and spirit in this way elevates consciousness, revitalizes the spirit and brings radiant, vibrant health and wellbeing.

Consciousness; vibration; frequency; harmony; radiance; attunement; and rhythm are all concepts that describe qualities of energy or the life force.  This season of the year can be particularly significant as we consider the quality of our personal life energies. It is our individual responsibility to maintain our equilibrium and centeredness from a spiritual perspective.  Mental, physical and emotional harmony is central to good health, happiness and abundant life.

Science is proving that the effects of negative emotion and negative thinking are harmful to the human heart and inhibit a well-functioning circulatory system. In her book “You Can Heal Your Life”, Louise Hay attributes heart problems and conditions such as hypertension, to “longstanding, unresolved, emotional problems.  Lack of joy; hardening of the heart; and a belief in strain and stress.” It is ironic that in this sacred season of beauty and light we often see the incongruous expressions of impatience; unbridled tempers; and the resulting relational damage that these unconscious negative thought forms create.

We habitually push past ourselves in the service of gift giving, and “joyous” celebrations of the season, a precursor to irrational behavior, illness and mood swings. The combinations of overindulgence, lack of sleep, overwork, rushing across town for that last-minute “perfect” gift, and the emotional strain of it all are a recipe for disaster.  We inhibit the harmony and flow of our natural rhythms creating palpitations; anxiety attacks; insomnia; depression and a cascade of dis-ease due to neurochemical imbalance and inhibited blood flow. In Chinese medicine, blood is often referred to as “shin” and healthy blood flow is considered to carry the energy of the Holy Spirit through our physical bodies.

It is a common misperception that it is “selfish” to allot time and money for self-care in this traditional time of “giving.”  I propose that it is selfish not to. Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.  Otherwise, there will be no wind beneath your wings to show up in a loving, heart-centered way for friends, family and co-workers. Expressions are contagious. Our way of showing up in the world will always be reflected right back to us in the faces and actions of those around us. Family is especially effective at proving this out.  We reap what we sow.


The Heart represents the center of love and security.


Another important aspect of receiving and a healthy, open, heart chakra is gratitude. Gratitude opens the heart. We cannot be in gratitude, and fear and resistance simultaneously. Give the gift of being a good receiver to those who show up for you in even the smallest of ways.  Say “thank you” and experience the vibrational shift, add a smile and raise your own energetic frequency even more. Conscious listening is great way of “giving” by being receptive, strengthening your heart muscle and staying centered in present moment awareness. These are the gifts of the heart that no money can buy. We cannot be in love and fear at the same time.  Fear is the ignorance of higher spiritual realities. We have the choice and the ability to quite the mind and invite life-giving energies through the quality of the breath.

This holiday season, before you get out of bed, before you start your car,

before you slam a door, or strike out for one last gift, just notice your breath. Make a conscious effort to - - - B-R-E-A-T-H-E - - - and, do it often.      Enjoy the season and be well!