Turn Down The Noise

Exploring Yoga & Meditation As A Path To Peace & Wellness

Our daily lives are moving at a rapid clip as we plug into our personal technology devices from morning ‘til night, catching random streams of information from television/audio systems in any given environment we choose to find ourselves.

It is as though we are living in a whirlwind of uncontrollable energy like Dorothy’s little farmhouse being sucked up into a tornadic vortex.

The vortex, however, is not outside of us. It is within. There’s no place like home. We have freewill when it comes to what we choose to focus on.  There are seven major vortices of energy within the physical body, called Chakras in the eastern tradition, energy centers associated with the seven ductless endocrine glands in the west. A clear understanding of this energetic matrix is the body’s roadmap for radiant, vibrant health. The chakras are like little tornadoes of light that work to metabolize everything we “choose” to take in from the material plane, consciously or unconsciously.  Everything has a vibrational frequency.  Positive and joyful thoughts energize the soul and therefore the physical body. Negativity multiplies in the psychic reservoirs and manifests more of the same.


It is important to understand that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. And chronic thoughts about unwanted things invite, or ask for, matching experiences.

 – Esther Hicks, The Vortex


A consistent yoga and meditation practice can quickly reveal the priorities of our internal organ systems by stimulating, opening and balancing our energy centers. A thoughtful sequence of daily asanas harmonizes our vibration from the inside out like a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tune-up.  Anyone with a regular yoga/meditation practice can attest to this.  Each time I return to the mat I learn something new about the infinite nature of myself.  Direct knowledge of the Self affords us the opportunity for perfect health, freedom from chaos and dis-ease.  One definition of the word ‘stress” is “the inability to change something on the outside of oneself”.  This prevalent frustration is the predominant cause of stress, illness, and a waste of precious time and energy reserves.  I cannot change the behavior of another. The only effective change I can make is on the inside. In yogic practice we learn to gaze upon and take control of our inner world(s).  In this way we begin to realize, and own our strengths and limitations without judgment, grasping or aversion. We realize the fundamental goodness within and, consequently, the goodness in our world.

Yoga is Sanskrit for Union. Yoga/Union is the blissful state of being fully present and connected.  In our daily practice we breathe in the Life Force, rest between our thoughts and begin to reconnect to our own hearts, desires and higher purpose. This healing and transcendent experience is simply not available via smart phone; pc; tv or radio.  While technology can provide an infinite stream of information, we must learn to pick and choose what, where, when and how we assimilate that information. Tapping into our inner stream of consciousness we learn to prioritize our lives manifesting gratitude, joy and contentment.

When committed, we inherently contract with ourselves to grow and expand our lives.


True yoga was always aimed at recognizing us as that which is eternal, infinite and unchangeable.                                    - Gregor Maehle


“There is no place like home”. Viewing my life from the perspective of my mat I am reminded of that familiar place at the center of my own being. A peace beyond understanding ensues that may only be observed from deep within.  Consistent practice is the key to deeper awareness.  The benefits are life changing and the personal rewards, sublime. 


Lin Weiss MH, MHT educates groups & individuals in the healing power of Yoga & The Chakra System as a path to wholeness, health & wellbeing.

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