The Horizon

My husband and I were recently in beautiful Cabo San Lucas where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, right at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.  There are many marvels of nature there, not the least of which is “El Arco”, a huge archway of rock at the very tip of the peninsula. Most years it is out in the water, however on occasion the tide goes out enough for the ground to rise up beneath the arch and it becomes a part of “Lover’s Beach.”  Accessible only by boat, it is always a remarkable site to behold and when standing just beneath the arch you cannot help but feel a sense of the Master’s hand. Sea lions beckon as they bask on the rocks and frolic around boat traffic.  The Sun shines brightly on the white rocks, so pristine are they, at sunset’s reflection they become pink.

As we sat on the beach and sailed in the sea for 5 glorious days, my gaze and meditations this trip were clearly fixed upon the horizon line where the ocean meets the sky.  I have vacationed in this beautiful spot many times over, however this year I was struck by the comfort of the continuous, consistent line of energy where the sea and the heavens meet.  My gaze returned again and again and I found great rest and satisfaction in the presence of this infinite and stable connection to the elements.  Some days I’d spot a water spout and a beautiful whale tale crowning the horizon like a newborn emerging from its mother’s womb.  El Arco, the earth, rising up out from the sea, and the sea settling perfectly adjacent to the sky under the blazing and eternal light of the sun offered me a great sense of security.

Scientists discuss at great length how far the human eye can actually see to the horizon and whether one is far enough out to sea that they can perceive the curvature of the earth. We talk about these elements a lot in yoga and through our metaphysical intellect, but the intensity with which I experienced this culmination point and vista, the peninsula (at the end of, or beginning of the earth) and the horizon line, brought with it a real sense of the Truth of being grounded in eternity, for me.  The eternal lapping of the ocean rocking me to sleep each night, the rise and fall of the sun each day, and the horizon became my constant companions on this trip, rejuvenating and refreshing my mind, body, and spirit.  This is the ground that has been under my feet and sky above my head since I came into this physical reality. As above, so below. I became so acutely conscious of the comfort in this backdrop of unchanging elementals that my body began to sing at a cellular level. I was up early each day greeting my yoga practice as the sun arose and anxious to rest on that horizon line, the interconnection of all things. It has always been available to me that I would have the eyes to see. Thank you Father/Mother God.

Perhaps it is because so much in the foreground has changed, therefore my perspective.  Maybe it is due in part to the fantastic energy of the upcoming eclipses at this time? The technological world is as pervasive there at the tip of the earth as it is here, with all its blessings and pitfalls. So whatever the reasons, a new perspective on the horizon is indicative of a change within me.  We often think of “on the horizon” in terms of some future time. Dwelling within the constant support of nature, the elements, and her nurturing support is a healing within my own heart and a testament to the present moment.  The stability of the horizon line is ever-present – whether I am here, there or yon. The choice is mine to seek it, connect with it, and embrace the loving and benevolent energy of the Universe in this moment.  Take your time today and revel in the sacred majesty of your creation.  Your body will relax, your mind will calm and your soul will remember its eternal nature. It is as close to you as your breath.


May the longtime Sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And may the pure Light within you guide your way on.

Blessings & Namaste’ Lin


Lin Weiss MH, is a Mind/Body Practitioner & Educator; a Holistic & Energy Healer & Yoga Therapist in Houston.  She is a powerful and thoughtful guide in the integration of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual healing & empowerment.                                       713-858-8595